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Generator Annual Service Agreement

On-Site Maintenance Checklist

  • On-site evaluation—equipment to be maintained must be accessible and functional.
  • Test output voltage at the transfer switch to confirm if the generator is functioning properly.
  • Check generator motor oil level, pressure, and condition. Replace oil and filter annually or as needed.
  • Check generator coolant level and condition. Replace coolant and filters as required.
  • Replace fuel filters as required.
  • Replace air filters as required.
  • Check block heater function and block temperature.
  • Check generator cooling circuit general health including pump, belts, and circuit temperature.
  • Check indicator lights and panel gauges on both the generator and transfer switch.
  • Check battery, battery cables, and charger condition.
  • Check for fluid leaks.
  • Check the fuel level.
  • Allocate up to 20 minutes for on-site training as it is included with each visit.
  • Check the other basic functions, as required by either the Code or the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • When ATS maintenance is chosen, conduct a transfer test (less than 15 minutes) and maintenance (if power shutdown is allowed).
  • When fuel tank maintenance is chosen, add a diesel fuel additive that is specially formulated to keep diesel fuel in good condition when stored for more than six months.

Other Services Offered

  • Generator and ATS startups, reconditioning, and modifications
  • Generator controller modifications and upgrading
  • 12V battery replacement
  • Replacements for block heaters, thermostats, slave solenoids, belts, hoses, radiator caps, coolant overflows, and battery maintainers
  • Rat-proofing and many other services

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