Northwest Generators offers maintenance for your entire emergency backup power system, including generator, Automatic Transfer Switch, fuel tanks, batteries and more. We can create a maintenance plan for your equipment and then follow custom procedures to achieve your ideal maintenance. We offer regularly planned service agreements or per visit generator maintenance.

Service & Repair

Onsite Maintenance checklist

  •  Onsite evaluation. Equipment to be maintained must be accessible and functional.
  •  Output voltage tests at the transfer switch to confirm the generator is functioning properly.
  •  Check generator motor oil level, pressure and condition. Replace oil and filter as annually or as needed.
  •  Check generator coolant level and condition. Replace coolant and filters as required.
  •  Replace fuel filters as required.
  •  Replace air filters as required.
  •  Check Block heater function and block temperature.
  •  Generator cooling circuit general health including pump, belts and circuit temperature.
  •  Indicator lights and panel gauges on both the generator and transfer switch.
  •  Battery, battery cables and charger condition.
  •  Fluid leaks.
  •  Fuel level.
  •  Up to 20 minutes of onsite training is included with each visit.
  •  Other basic functions, as required by either Code or the manufacturer's recommendations.
  •   When ATS maintenance is chosen, a transfer test (<15min) and maintenance (if power shutdown is allowed).
  •   When fuel tank maintenance is chosen, adding diesel fuel additive that is specially formulated to keep diesel fuel in good condition when stored for more than six months.

Other Services offered

  •  Generator & ATS startups, reconditioning, and modifications
  •  Generator controller modifications and upgrading
  •  12V battery replacement.
  •  Replacements for block heaters, thermostats, slave solenoids, belts, hoses, radiator caps, coolant overflows and battery maintainers as well as rat-proofing and many other services are available.